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Buying a home does NOT need to be stressful! We take pride in making the home buying process as simple and stress free as possible. From home searches to showings, inspections and lawyers we are there every step of the way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Buying a home step by step:

  1. Initial meet and greet:
    Putting a face to a name and using the time to determine what it is you are looking and how we are going to get it done.

  2. Get a pre approval: 
    Whether it is through your bank or another mortgage broker, knowing what you are approved for will help our search begin by setting a budget.

  3. Set up Searches: 
    We will have you set up on a 100% custom home search to make sure you stay ahead of the market and get listing before anyone else!

  4. Schedule Showings: 
    Once we have found homes that fit your criteria, we will book a viewing of the property to see in person.

  5. Offer Time: 
    Now that we have found the right house for you it is time to create the offer. They can be very wordy but we walk you through the entire thing from start to finish.

  6. Inspection:
    nce your offer has been accepted it is a great idea to have a professional home inspector have a deeper look into the house.

  7. Lawyers: 
    Now that you are satisfied with your home inspection and the house is almost yours, you will need a lawyer to transfer title, funds etc..

  8. Transfer of Utilities/Bills: 
    You don’t want to be missing out on all your coupons and bills! Be sure to make the change

  9. Moving/Closing Day: 
    The day has finally arrived! The lawyer will give you a call and let you know the keys to your new home are ready for pick up and time to move in!

  10. Follow up: 
    Just because the transaction has been completed doesn’t mean we are not still working with you. We have continuous follow ups incase you need local contractors, neighbourhood market updates, restaurant recommendations and much more!

Let us help you. Provide us with your buying criteria.

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